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Alex Jones

Head of ML Product and Sales @ Visa
Machine Learning | Generative AI, NLP, MLOps | Financial Fraud & Financial Services
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My Strengths:

Data Science Powerhouse: I possess deep expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Statistics.
Academic & Industry BlendMy background combines a strong academic foundation with extensive real-world experience as a data science leader in Finance. I hold a Master's degree from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. from York University.
Proven Mentor: I can guide you into the world of data science, from the ground up. Whether you're a student seeking practical experience or a software engineer transitioning to ML/data science, I can help.
Skill Sharpening: I challenge you with real-world projects to refine your skills, perfect for students seeking a taste of professional data science.
Interview Preparation: We can role-play interview sessions to boost your confidence.
Focus Areas:

About Me:

Seasoned Data Scientist: I leverage over a decade of academic and real-world experience to deliver impactful data science solutions.
Lifelong Learner: Continuous research fuels my knowledge and ensures I provide the latest insights.
Academic Contribution: I actively teach data science at universities and business schools.
Industry Expertise: I have extensive experience extracting valuable information from data across diverse business contexts.
Technology Adept: I'm proficient in a wide range of machine learning tools, including both commercial and open-source options.
Mentorship Master: My experience spans academia and industry. I supervise data science theses, conduct academic seminars, and deliver training for various organizations.
Real-World Focus: I lead a data science team focused on delivering successful machine learning, AI, and traditional predictive analytics projects for real clients.
I can help you bridge the gap between theory and practice in financial fraud detection using data science techniques.

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