Alexis Montoro

CEO @ IMV Studio
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🎓 Even if I have my cs degrees I'm mostly a self-taught developer, I learned coding way before high school (12 yo) and I'm still learning new tech and non tech skills everyday 11 years after diploma. Definitely I know what's being tired of endless generic online tutorials is or looking for professional approach of coding.

🚀During my dev journey I had technical and non technical situations, but as I mostly occupied leader and manager jobs I had to find solutions by myself.
That's why today I want to share and help you, moving on in your coding life.

🎮 After 18 years in front of my computer coding web and mobile app applications with almost all the known stacks I recently switched on the Video Game industry by creating my own studio and a first big game based on Unity Engine.

🤝 With me we can discuss about code quality, system design, architectures who fit products, but of course simply code review and one of the topic I love the most : Career growth.

👌 Of course my ideal student would be a self-taught but I will be more than happy to help CTOs in they stack and architecture, senior dev with bad habits, junior dev looking for feedbacks.



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