Alex Laycy

Senior Solutions Architect @ Amdaris (Insight Enterprises)
Compulsive Technologist helping to ignite ideas that leave a mark.
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Technology should solve complex challenges in meaningful ways that improve our daily lives.

This foundational belief is at the heart of my approach, where Technology isn't an isolated black box. It's part of a toolkit we can use to make an impact and leave a mark.

Using this approach, I specialise in helping organisations of all shapes and sizes, startups, products, and services transform into technology-enabled value creators by providing relevant, meaningful guidance, and strategies that enable lasting change.

In addition to the above, I empower investors by evaluating potential investments holistically, arming them with the knowledge to make confident, balanced judgements.

// Mentoring //

I view mentorship as a chance to give back, just as my own mentors have continually supported me.

The most impactful mentors in my life have recognised that generic advice doesn't work for everyone. When I take on the role of a mentor, my first step is to deeply understand the individual, their aspirations, and their challenges, so that I can offer tailored guidance that provides real value and empowers the individual to become the best version of themselves.

// How I Can Help //

Whether you're simply looking for ad-hoc support, or to make a bigger long-term change, here are some of the ways I could help:

> Tips on how to manage software development workstreams effectively.
> Advice on certifications, specialisations, and career paths within technology consulting and software development.
> Coaching on how to effectively communicate technical information to non-technical stakeholders.
> Coaching on effective teamwork and leadership skills essential in a consulting environment.
> Updates on the latest trends and technologies within the software development space.
> Strategies and techniques for improving your pitch decks.
> Guidance on creating a strong portfolio that showcases skills and past projects.
> Sharing useful books, articles, and online courses that can aid in skill development.
> Techniques for effective time management, especially in a consulting role where juggling multiple clients is common.
> Strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance in a demanding industry.

Regardless of your objective, we'll collaborate to create practical and achievable strategies that will optimise your path to success.

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