Ali Ciger

Early Stage Investor @ Springboard Health Angels
Founding Partner at Springboard | Investor in the 10+ Early Stage Start-ups | P&L owner managing 250M+$ ARR
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I am a founding Partner at Springboard Health Angels, and early stage investment syndicate with a focus on Digital Health. I have gone through 1000s of decks, while building my portfolio of more than 10 investments so far, experiencing the ups and downs in the process.
From the corporate angle, I am the Country Lead for Vaccines in Pfizer and am also serving on the Board of the company in Germany. Prior to my role, I was part of the team leading the global rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. Over the years, I led the digital therapeutics initiative for pain in Germany, building bridges with some of the most well-known DH startups in this area.
I am mentoring young startups at Reaktor.Berlin. I am an engineer by training, and am a Newton Venture Fellow from London Business School.
Last but not the least - I am father of two little monsters.

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