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Amaan Rizvi

Senior Frontend Developer @ Masabi
10+ years of software development experience at startups, fast-paced agencies and big corporations
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I'm an experienced frontend developer and I enjoy helping others learn and grow with me. I have over 10 years of experience working as a software developer and specialise in React, JavaScript and modern web frontend.

I believe 1-1 coaching and mentoring can go a long way in boosting your career and I'd love to able to support and guide you.

Here’s what you can expect from me:
- Listen and understand your learning goals
- Provide weekly feedback on code and software concepts in a sync and async way
- Help you understand complex concepts
- Give quality code review feedback
- Help you when you are stuck
- Help you prepare for a coding interview and run mock interviews
- Regular 1:1 meetings

Here is what I can help you with:
- Front-end development using React, Typescript, Next.js
- Testing (unit, integration, E2E)
- Problem solving
- Design patterns
- Career Advice
and open to any other ideas where you think I can help.

If you are curious about software development, I would be glad to help you!

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5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
7 months

Amaan is a terrific mentor. He is super knowledgeable and is a great teacher. He explains things very clearly and has helped me tremendously.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
3 months

Amaan really help us improve the internal communication between product and tech and within product as well giving some pointers of what we should work on. It also provided great feedback and examples that were really helpful at the moment of implementation on our side. He helped us unblocked some errors and improve our overall project architecture and quality.

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5 out of 5 stars



4 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
10 months

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