8+ years of experience architecting, developing, deploying and monitoring scalable backend systems in modern DevOps culture. Internationally experienced, where I successfully led & delivered numerous microservices that serves millions of people all over the world.

Full-stack development is a thing of the past to me. I see more challenges lies in complex intertwined backend systems. In fact, demystifying the complexity is the most fun & challenging part.

Focussing on:

Teaming up with Product & Engineering heads to scale up products & services by defining tech roadmaps, making architecture decisions, planning & executing re-payment of technical debts and researching on latest technologies to assess its feasibility & necessity to the current product development.

Scaling up people by mentoring, collaboration, code review, pair programming and enabling them to build world class software products using the state of the art technologies.

Strongly believe in sharing knowledge as a primary responsibility to give it back to the community. so I love mentoring/training Software Engineering professionals on building production-ready software and engineering leadership.

Domains I've worked with: Healthcare, Banking, E-Wallet, HR platform, Wellness & Digital Health

In Love with: Event-driven, Microservices, Large scale distributed systems, DDD family

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