Andrei Fidelman

Staff Front-end Engineer @, ex-Microsoft
Front-End Expert: Elevate Your Career & Ace Interviews
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With 3 years of specialized mentorship experience under my belt, I've gained the skills necessary to guide you in your professional journey. Separately, I have recently climbed the positions from Middle to Senior and then to Staff Engineer, so a fresh experience that equips me to assist you in achieving similar promotions. Additionally, my roles as an interviewer and a hiring manager at Microsoft provide me with the insights to assist you in both technical and behavioral interviews, ensuring you're well-prepared to land your desired job. Whether it's front-end development, acing interviews, or strategizing for a salary raise or promotion, my unique blend of experience and recent success positions me to help you realize your career aspirations.

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5 out of 5 stars


Andrei was very helpful, he was carefully listening to what I had to say and made sure he understood how to best help me in my current context. Even from a single session I can say I took benefit that will impact months to come. It was really good!

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