Andrew Munnings

Freelance Project Manager and Director
Supporting stressed business owners, frustrated by lack of growth to feel fulfilled & rewarded again
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I help business owners sleep well, by letting you have space to talk, plan and grow your business.

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Are you unclear about what is stopping the growth? Would you now benefit from a set of fresh and experienced eyes?

People who I have helped previously were

➹ Working too many hours
➹ Missing family dinners or events
➹ Looking to add people to your team but not knowing who or where
➹ Struggling to recruit people who can help
➹ Don’t know what to do next, & the urgent to do list just gets longer

Now they are all:

➹ having time to enjoy life, spend time with family and friends
➹ a smooth running company
➹ better delegation skills & confidence to delegate
➹ consistent business growth
➹ projects that are delivered successfully
➹ happier clients & employees

How we work together

I use my proven process to create a business plan that business owners enjoy & a life they love.

We can create success by working on up to 3 aspects of the business.

What's happening with you - coaching you to a happier state

What's happening in your organisation- the issues in the business that are hindering growth,

What's happening in project management - how projects can be delivered for better efficiency and high levels of client satisfaction

Why work with me?
I love helping people, building them up, and working with them to define and reach goals.

My expertise includes coaching, mentoring, consultancy and personal development, company improvements and project delivery.

I use my knowledge of the strategies and tactics of global players and the nimbleness and passion of smaller businesses to create a winning plan for growth. We identify the issues in the business that are causing lack of growth, where improvements in communication can be made, and review leadership styles and management.

Finally, if required, we look at the project management. We look at the “flow” or process management - defining how things move through the project management process from start to finish.
I understand that when you focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy to grow - you will build the business into something strong.

Next Action
Sounds too easy? Bring me a challenge - I have not yet found a person or company that I could not help. You only have one life, time to enjoy it.

Let’s have a chat about the challenges you are facing and make a plan for change
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