Data Scientist with 10+ years of experience scaling data at top tier Silicon Valley companies. I’ve led projects spanning from Machine Learning, Data Engineering, to A/B Testing and Data Visualization. I have personally conducted over a 100 interviews for data science candidates at various companies I’ve been employed at. My experience has equipped me with an understanding of a) how to leverage data at different companies and functions b) Data Science challenges at different stages of a company c) What makes a great data scientist. I would love to use my experience to help you realize your data science career.

I have multiple publications and experience in projects ranging from A/B Testing, Data Infrastructure, KPI, Dashboarding, ML/AI products, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks.

My education background is applied statistics and electrical engineering.

Languages: Python, Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hive, BigTable, Elasticsearch Frameworks: Spark, Hadoop Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes Cloud: AWS, GCP

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