Arnold Murray

Senior Manager @ Cisco Systems
Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, and Encouragement
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I coach leaders on how to use coaching as their corporate management style. When you lead highly technical and high performing individuals, you cannot get away with arrogance, micro-managing, or perfectionism. You have to be a person that builds trust and mutual respect. You have to manage your brain as well as bring out the best in the brains of people that don't really need you. Learning to lead under these conditions is enhanced through coaching AND mentoring.

I love leadership and coaching is my muse. Coaching is what I use to serve my clients, my teams, my organizations, and my communities.

Interesting Facts from my 25 years of corporate, community, and ministry leadership:

- Over 15 years as a high performing individual contributor (for-profit)
- Led organization covering 7 different functional areas (for-profit)
- Grew my team from 3 individual contributors to over 20 with multiple people leaders (for-profit)
- Coached and mentored multiple individual contributors to people leaders (for-profit)
- Held over 20 different leadership roles in the community (not-for-profit)
- Served as campus pastor of 1 multicultural, multi-generational church (not-for-profit)
- Won 6 different competitive speaking competitions (not-for-profit)
- 25 years of an amazing marriage and 5 kids
- Over 100 dad joke punch lines delivered in 2022 (most got laughs)

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