Augusto Rosa

VP, Professional Services @ Infostrux Solutions Inc.
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I see myself as a Senior Technical Engineer, but truly I wear many hats over my career. I have to build many teams and teams of teams and products and people. I focused on Site Reliability Engineering, Security, Data, Quality and Software Engineering. I am a public speaker, a coach and a community organizer. I have worked inside incubators for most of my career, helping bring products to light in different industries, media, financial, oil & gas, telcos, and technology. In the last three years, I have focused on building a Consulting business across Canada, including Sales, Delivery, Thought leadership and Services go-to-market strategies. I am part of a new Services company focused on bringing data engineering through automation to the Snowflake Data Cloud ecosystem.

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Thanks Augusto for your guidance. I have a lot of things toto accomplish ahead of me and you showed me and explained me all the right steps to do.


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