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Auston Grover

Software Developer @ OpenText
Passionate about helping others achieve their goals!
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$50 / month

If you need help with interview prep or some software concepts, this is the plan for you.

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If you are a Jr. Developer looking to grow in your career or someone new to Software Development, I would love to help. I know how tough it can be to navigate a career as a Software Developer, so I am here to assist you in avoiding any potential shortcomings or to aid you through any challenges you may be experiencing.

I am a software engineer with a little over four years of experience, and I have worked for both fast-paced start-ups and well-established companies like Amazon. Back in 2019, I received my Bachelor's in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics. Since then, I have been diving deep into Software Development, and I genuinely love it. Through mentoring, I hope to give back to the career that has brought me so much joy.

- Interview Prep
- Resume Review and Career Advice
- Software Development advice
- Handling a Legacy System
- Coding Practices and Standards

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