Betty Chen

Digital Marketing Leader @ ex Starbucks, ex Twitter, ex Google
20 yrs in Global Marketing & Intl Biz | Passionate about mentoring young professionals & growing start-ups
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Hello and nice to meet you! I'm a multi-disciplinary marketing & digital leader with 20 yrs of experience, focusing on customer growth in the Asia-Pacific region. I've had extensive experience with global companies to establish strong brands, build marketing & digital plans, and deepen customer loyalty.

I have intentionally crafted my path to ensure a well-rounded marketing career and I'm passionate about mentoring/coaching others through their own career transitions. I've had a range of experience in different types of work environments, building my skills to strengthen relationships, manage difficult work places, and influence leaders & decision-makers.

I was most recently at Starbucks where I oversaw 14 countries in Asia to drive the digital business through marketing & loyalty strategies. I'm also a reformed tech worker; previously leading international marketing efforts at Twitter, building global marketing capabilities at an tech start-up, and launching global products at Google. I started my career cutting my teeth at various advertising agencies working with multiple global brands.

Over the years, I've had the chance to work closely with 20+ countries worldwide -- my passion for the international space comes from a multi-cultural upbringing, growing up abroad with 4+ languages. I'm Taiwanese-American, who has lived all over including Bangkok, LA, Chicago, SF, Seattle, and currently in Hong Kong!

In addition to being a global citizen, I'm also a certified Human-Centered Design practitioner, a licensed sailor, and an aspiring dog trainer. I love meeting new people and have had many years of experience mentoring & coaching other marketers!

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