Brent LaRue

Lead Product Designer, Venture Partner @ Hilti, Pioneer Fund
Healthtech Founder, 2x Y Combinator Alum (1x exit), Product Designer, Venture Partner, Olympian
Switzerland Active last month Usually responds in a week or longer


$180 / month

Best suited for product & design founders or motivated product designers.

2 calls per month (30min/call)

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Hey all 🤗 I'm a product designer with 10+ years of experience, healthtech founder, 2x Y Combinator alum (S15, S22), 1x exit, venture partner, Track & Field Olympic semi-finalist (2012 400m Hurdles), road & gravel cyclist, and father. As a mentor I can help you with:

* Product / Interaction Design
* Design Sprints
* Design Systems
* User Research / Testing
* Hiring / Interviewing Candidates
* User Onboarding
* AI + Design

* Pitch deck review
* YC Application review
* YC Interview Practice
* Fundraising basics

Product Management
* Prioritization

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