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Mona Yang 

Product Designer - Bold Health
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
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I am a Product Designer, writer and mentor currently working for Bold Health, a healthtech startup based in London. I love the dynamism of the tech industry, having worked for startups all the way to global tech companies in sectors including finance, insurance and health on consumer facing products as well as enterprise products.

Design UXDesignDesignUserExperienceDesignProductDesign
7 Day Trial United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Keith Brewster  New Mentor

Senior Developer, Digital Products, Media Operations - CBC/Radio-Canada
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Hi, I'm Keith! I've a software engineer and conference speaker with six years professional development experience. I currently work as a senior developer for CBC/Radio-Canada (the national public broadcaster for both television and radio in Canada). I've worked for everything from startups, to agencies and large product companies.

I have experience in both resume review and giving interviews. My wheelhouse is mostly within web development, with a strong focus in JavaScript. I'm comfortable with both front-end and back-end, some database work and cloud infrastructure. My ideal mentee would be someone ...

Engineering & Data JavaScriptReactNodeinterviews
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Rishi Bhalodia 

Co-founder/ Computer Vision Researcher - init27 Lab
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I'm an artist turned coder, a self taught Pythonist and C++ lover.
I speak fluent Python, live and breathe algorithms.

I love working on Deep Learning projects and Computer Vision apps. I have also been part of Kaggle community and have won medals across the competiton category.

I'm co-founder at init27 and, where I work on ML, NLP, CV Algorithms and mentor a community of 1000+ Students.

I'm also a FAST AI International Fellow and Udacity Alumni.

Engineering & Data OpenCVPythonKerasPyTorch
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Utsav Akhoury 

Sr. Strategy Specialist -
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With a background of solid engineering, I have tried to blend my career to be at the intersection of Technology & Business. I've been in the US for roughly 10 years and completed my undergrad from Georgia Tech & master's from UC Berkeley, both in the field of engineering. I've been fortunate enough to work with NASA in the field of technology & data and successfully transitioned to Strategy Consulting over the past 3 years. I have worked with multiple CIO's/CTO's across various industries in the realm of Strategy Development ...

Business Business&TechnologyStrategyCustomerExperienceProductManagementDataAnalysis

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Nilesh Arnaiya  Experienced Mentor

Data science & AI mentor - Udacity & Buildawn Labs
4.1 stars
4.1 (27 reviews)
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Hi, Let me introduce myself.
I am Nilesh Arnaiya. Mentoring at Udacity for 2+ years now & working at
I follow Feynman and Turing in my everyday life and have been working to develop solutions in deep reinforcement learning, training agents, a step towards the ultimate goal of AGI.
Growing up I had a couple of mentors myself, motivating me to publish papers, projects, having high ambitions and goals that are defined by a process.
I encourage the community of self-learners with the best learning path and resources ...

Engineering & Data JavaAndroidPythonResearch
7 Day Trial India India

$22.00 per week

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Dip Neupane 

Sr. Software Developer - CF
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It's been around five years working as a passionate Software Developer. Graduated from Kuvempu University, Karnataka, India and has been professionally working with the software industries in Nepal since 2015 intending to make people's life easy through Technology.

I have already worked with some of the best technologies around like C#, Asp.Net Framework, Asp.Net Core, JavaScript, Angular, MSSQL, Postgresql, Git, GitLab, etc. Currently, I am specializing in some of the vibrant skill sets useful of operations named Gitlab CI and Docker.

The most challenging part for any software developer is ...

Engineering & Data c#AngularAsp.NetCore
7 Day Trial Nepal Nepal

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Nick Hoh 

Head of Product Design - Asurion
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I've been a designer for over 20 years and I've been mentoring for about the same period of time. I have worked at startups as the 1st designer to a Director at the Fortune 1 company. I've been leading design teams for over 8 years so am very used to talking to designers about the craft of design, I've helped people transition from another field into design, work with mentees as they transition from an individual contributor to a people leader and many other scenarios.

Design DesignUserExperienceProductDesignUserResearch
7 Day Trial United States of America USA

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Yashish Dua 

Platform Engineer - Postman
3.8 stars
3.8 (14 reviews)
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Currently working as a Platform Engineer at Postman.

Languages and Frameworks: Go, Node.js, Sails.js, Fastify
Infrastructure Skills: AWS, CI/CD, Serverless, Infrastructure, System Design

• Public Speaker (
• Google Scholarship Recipient
• World finalist in Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018 held at Nobel Museum, Sweden
• Open-source enthusiast and event organizer at Women Who Go New Delhi
• Medium (

Engineering & Data PlatformInfrastructureGoLangJavascript
India India

$20.00 per week

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