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Rohan Taneja

Software Developer - Delivery Hero

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Rohan is a mobile apps enthusiast who loves talking about the latest in the mobile world, with Flutter being his most recent love affair. He works as a Software Engineer at Delivery Hero in Berlin. He talks about Flutter at conferences, writes blogs on Medium and mentors students on various e-learning platforms.

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Nilesh Arnaiya

Data scientist & AI mentor - & Udacity

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Hi ,
I am Nilesh Arnaiya , I am a mentor at Udacity and I've worked for a few companies "Aptech" , "Venn Think Labs" and also worked with ClassCalc and Shortfundly to make their products and development better. I currently work in speech synthesis at
I am in love with AI tools and methods and have been working since the past 5 years in learning and developing products that have helped the healthcare industry and luckily was funded well. Closeness to industry professionals as well as professors from ...

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Ayush Chauhan

Software Engineer - Oyo Rooms

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Ayush is a data engineer with a major in computer science. He loves data, distributed systems, machine learning, code, science and with hands-on practice in the field of data engineering with more than 1 year of experience. He is also a mentor at Udacity for Android basic and Advanced android nanodegree.

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Yashish Dua

Platform Engineer - Postman

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Currently working as a Platform Engineer at Postman. I define me as a Fullstack Android Developer with an inclination in UX.

Skills: Android, Go, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Platform/Infrastructure, UI/UX

• Google Scholarship Recipient and Android Developer Nanodegree Graduate from Udacity.
• World finalist in Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018 held at Nobel Museum, Sweden where we built a machine learning powered app which lets you summarize policy documents.
• I have Founded Flada, an app which digitalizes visiting business cards and runs @productdiscussion where I interview experts from industry.
• ...

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Ashwani Kumar

Software Architect - Tesco

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I am a professional full-stack developer with almost 10 years of experience as a developer. I am passionate about backend systems and have designed and developed multiple high scale back-end systems. I am also a hobbyist Android developer who loves to work on the Android applications. I maintain a blog ( where I share some of my learnings.

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