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Richa Prasad 

Founder - Coach Viva
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In my previous life, I was a PM at Microsoft having worked on Visual Studio for 4 years and Cortana for 4 years. If you're a tech person looking for help in figuring out promotions and/or dealing with your manager/PM/dev/design team, I believe I have good insights for you.

How? I was promoted 4 times 4 years in a row and it wasn't because I worked 100 hour weeks. There is a set of unsaid criteria you need to meet that exists within any big tech company because of ...

Business & Management product managementmarketinggrowthbusiness strategybootstrapping
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Ivan Muccini 

VP Product - Cloud4Wi
2.3 stars
2.3 (3 reviews)
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I a product management executive with 12 years of experience managing product and business strategies, overseeing multimillion-dollar enterprise SaaS portfolios. Experienced in bootstrapping and scaling product organizations, leading cross-functional and distributed teams to deliver innovative solutions and high-impact proejcts.
Specialized in Enterprise SaaS solutions, managing business-critical processes and high-impact projects, navigating enterprise-level programs in constantly changing environments.

My product philosophy pivots around two pillars:
- the business model is the actual "product”
- the whole product model

Product & Marketing Product ManagementGo-to-marketProduct StrategyProduct Positioning

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Hari Dulipudi  New Mentor

Serial Microstartups Maker - DWorKS
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I'm Hari, and I've been building microstartups for the last 10 years. Recently I launched Simple Ops, a performance and uptime monitoring tool and became profitable with prelaunch. Before this, I built Visa List, which helps users find countries they can travel with their passport tension free and is currently having 300K MAU. I have made ACrypto, a cryptocurrency app that already started making a profit within 2 months. I have to build AnExplorer, a file manager that has more than 100K downloads.

I started as a software developer. ...

Product & Marketing EntrepreneurshipBootstrappingProduct ManagementGrowthStrategy
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Alexander Sachs 

Head of Innovation / Entrepreneur - codecentric AG
5.0 stars
5.0 (2 reviews)
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I am Alex, currently head of innovation at a tech company and CEO at a tech startup that bootstraps small business ideas.
I am also teaching digital management at a university. I am currently supporting 5 startups as a business angel to set up everything fast and get going with the right tools and methods. In total, I have over 10 years of experience in tech and teaching.
In my past, I did many consulting jobs for various size projects from 5-150 people and in different roles, ...

Business & Management BusinessStrategySoftware engineeringLean Startup
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$100 per month

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