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Arun Prakash 

Senior Data Analyst - Alesco Risk Management Services
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I am data and machine learning enthusiast who specialises in insurance data. My single most focus is to create stories and insights from data and to communicate this with my audience. To meet this end, I specialise and focus on three things
1. Open source analytics tools (Python and Spark)
2. Analytics in the cloud with cloud compute power (Databricks, Azure and AWS) &
3. Data visualisation (Power BI)

Engineering & Data Power BIPythonMachine LearningScikit learn
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Aswin Vijayakumar 

Software Developer - Freelance
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Self-directed and motivated Data Professional who works effectively in a dynamic environment. Experienced in working with multiple clients in the Digital Media, Supply Chain and Learning Solutions.

Having more than 5 years of experience in Web Development, I can help anyone who are willing to study Content Management Systems, Application Frameworks, Database Development and Unit Testing. I am also a Nanodegree certificate holder in Machine Learning Nanodegree Engineer Program.

I have worked in Openshift platform and will be able to help anyone who want to develop a product via ...

Engineering & Data Software DevelopmentRequirements EngineeringMachine LearningData Management and Governance
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Mark Farragher  New Mentor

Data Scientist - Self-employed
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I'm a highly analytical data scientist and open-source developer who most recently worked in a fast-paced SaaS environment. I have a breadth of experience, having worked in contracting and employment on data projects for public, private, and third-sector clients. I enjoy blogging and public speaking on all things data.

I self-taught my programming skills and am an economist by background.
Feel free to reach out especially if you're interested in mentoring in these types of areas:
- Learning data science skills, e.g. Python and SQL
- Public speaking or writing

Engineering & Data PythonSQLStatisticsData Science
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Arshad Ahmed 

Head of Machine Learning Operations - NatWest Group
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I currently lead a Machine Learning team focused on Machine Learning Operations for a large retail bank in the UK. I am an experienced Data Scientist and former Geophysicist with experience across Geophysical, Publishing and Financial Services sectors. I have built deployed ML solutions for a wide range of financial crime applications in frameworks such as Scala/Spark and Python.

Engineering & Data PythonSparkScalaMachine Learning
7 Day Trial United Kingdom United Kingdom

$120 per month

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