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Krishan Patel 

CTO - Arkera AI

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I'm co-founder and CTO of where I built the engineering team and led all engineering efforts with members of the team. We have built awesome products with python, react, typescript, docker etc all from scratch so can help anyone looking to set up something technical - even in technologies not mentioned since the core principles that matter are mostly universal

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Diana Lee 

Senior Full-Stack Engineer & Technical Mentor - Freelance / Contract, Thinkful

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Hiya 🙋🏻‍♀️

I'm Diana, a full-stack engineer who has been working in the tech industry for 5 years.

An experienced mentor, workshop leader and instructor, I've taught with Thinkful (a mentor-led career accelerator for people switching into high-tech careers), Code First: Girls (a UK-based social enterprise focused on increasing women in tech through education for university students & working professionals), and led workshops at some pretty awesome events (most recently, I spoke on Zero-to-Production with the Serverless Framework at Node+JS Interactive by the Linux Foundation in North America, and How ...

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