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Farzad YousefZadeh

Software Engineer (FullStack) - Futurice

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Software engineer, enthusiast in frontend engineering. Loves universal Javascript. Experienced in Web(sites/apps) development, SPAs, Node.js, desktop and mobile development.
Cares about fundamentals, abstractions, concepts, testing and developer tooling.
More than 2 years experience in React, Redux, SSR and Modern Javascript.
More than 5 years experience in software engineering.
Loves team work and learns as a team.

Engineering & Data frontendjavascriptreacthtml
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Yasser Hossam

Data Analytics Consultant - Eventatak

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I've spent my entire career working with data, I'm a highly qualified Business Intelligence and Data Analytics consultant and I've been consulting and developing business intelligence and data management solutions since 2010.

I'm extremely passionate about data, Dealing with data, From data modeling to data performance management and everything in between, is my daily practice, hobby and the thing I really love to do, Also I've worked on some web development projects related to data management and data visualization.

I've started my career in 2010 while I was a student ...

Engineering & Data datasqlanalysis
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Manoj Pandey

Software Engineer - Yelp

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In college / high school and looking to switch to CS / looking to become a developer / get a job as a developer? I'd like to help.

I'm a professional Python developer and trainer. I speak at Python conferences around the world {PyCon Italy, UK, Finland, Philippines}. Ask me anything! I'll do my best guiding you in areas of frontend development to backend development using Python; Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, different Python libraries, open source development, Version Control System (Git), best practices, and tiny hacks to be more ...

Engineering & Data pythondesigndatasciencemachinelearning
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Bapusaheb Patil

Google Certified Android Developer - Udacity

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Google Certified Android Developer • IDF Certified UX Designer
• I love solving problems with mobile apps that have a good balance of minimal elegant design & great functionality.
• Google Certified Android Developer | My badge and certificate from Google can be found here:
• Android Mentor at Udacity for Android Developer Nanodegree & Android Basics Nanodegree
• Youngest Android Mentor at OpenClassrooms | I teach students Android development, part time.
• Public Speaker, spoke on stage about Kotlin at BlrKotlin's 3rd and 9th Meetups, Bangalore's Android group ...

Engineering & Data AndroidJavaKotlinFlutter

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Mohamed Rashad

Machine Learning & Software Engineer - DevisionX

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Driven by passion and guided by discipline, I'm an aspiring Electronics & Communications Engineering Student and a Professional Software Engineer, with 3+ years of experience in various startups and teams, interacting with a range of problems from building websites and apps, designing robots or developing machine learning applications, alongside experimenting with many ideas and trying to fulfill my curiosity by learning everything I can put my hands on.

Also, I consider myself a catalyst of change, taking initiatives and hold the responsibility of the community around me, offering my ...

Engineering & Data ComputerVisionNLPSoftwareEngineeringMachineLearning


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