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Product Manager, Road Weather for Autonomous Vehicles at Vaisala Oyj
Experienced B2B product manager. My products have served eg. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, TomTom, Atlassian.
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I have worked as a product manager for early stage startup, listed and venture capital companies. My product and marketing experience includes working with analytics and weather products, and automotive and enterprise customers. I am also the Founder of ProductCamp Helsinki, an unconference for product and product marketing professionals. Before …
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Co-Founder at Alpha AI | | Tripsero | LawDiktat
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My relationship with technology started way before I could comprehend the word ‘technology’. Being a curious child, my passion was always into breaking and re-building things. As I grew up, my penchant for innovation grew profound. As an AI Researcher and Software Developer, I worked on both industrial and academic …