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Business Intelligence Developer
8 years and counting of reporting, business intelligence and data analysis
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Business Intelligence developer with over 8 years experience in several industries, and 4 countries across 2 continents. My main focus is developing reports and dashboards that give insightful views on the business, based on data infrastructures that are built upon best practices. I have also coding skills and, data engineering …
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$450 / month
BizOps | Product Data Analyst at Rippling | Ex-Uber | Ex-Postmates
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Hi! I'm Kelman, I'm a Data professional with 5+ years of experience, working in a range of companies & industries. Currently at BizOps @ Rippling, was previously at Uber, Postmates (food delivery), Neuron Mobility (electric scooters) & Urban Planning (Singapore Government). I'd love to mentor your learning journey, helping you …
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 Quick Responder
Data Analytics Engineer at
6 years of experience building scalable data products
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Hi! I’m Richie, currently developing data & analytics capabilities @ I have helped teams set the bar for best practices in the data industry, and advocating for data quality. As a mentor, I will offer my experience to support and guide you on your journey. Let's connect! My Experience: …
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Senior Data Scientist at Freetrade
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Thanks for visiting my page! I’m excited to be able to support you on your journey as a Data professional. This could be any topic or subject you find relevant, and I'll make sure we tailor our sessions to you and your goals. Over the last 7 years, I've been …