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Data Analytics Engineer at
6 years of experience building scalable data products
5.0 stars
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Hi! Iā€™m Richie, currently developing data & analytics capabilities @ I have helped teams set the bar for best practices in the data industry, and advocating for data quality. As a mentor, I will offer my experience to support and guide you on your journey. Let's connect! My Experience: ā€¦
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$199 / month
Technical Product Manager at T-Mobile
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I am a product manager and product owner working in multiple facets of the technology industry. With six Agile products successfully spearheaded from concept to delivery, as well as 40 major enhancements released subsequent to the delivery of my MVPs, my products have created over $10MM in value and continue ā€¦
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$60 / month
Senior Data Analyst at H&M Group (Ex Airbnb, Bajaj Finance)
8+ years experience in Analytics in multiple domain
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I have 8+ years of experience working and leading teams in the domain of Data & Business Analytics. Currently working as Senior Data Analyst in Product Recommendation Area(Customer Domain) at H&M Group Prior to this, I worked with Airbnb in the Collection and Financial Analytics team for Airbnb. I have ā€¦