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$100 / month
Senior Fullstack Web Developer at Neulabs
4.7 stars
4.7 (7 reviews)
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I'm a FullStack Web Developer focused on building products and apps with: 1. Frontend: React, NextJS, Typescript, TailwindCss, Emotion, Storybook. 2. Backend: GraphQL, Prisma, PostgreSQL, SanityCMS. 3. Microservices and Sites with different cloud providers: Netlify, Vercel, AWS. I will help you with Javascript, Typescript ReactJS, Graphql, and Apollo or any ā€¦
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$150 / month
Serverless Engineer at Trackstack
8+ years in designing serverless event driven architectures + apps on AWS
5.0 stars
5.0 (7 reviews)
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Hi there Iā€™m Cameron šŸ‘‹ If you are looking for a clearer path to getting ahead in a severless first world or want to navigate the full stack Javascript career path better then I can help you. I have mostly worked at scaling product companies typically with event driven / ā€¦