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$240 / month
Webflow Expert + Medic at
4 x Calls
Hi there, my name is Ragee and I am the coding medic. I have a medical background but also love to code. I currently love and use a no-code platform called Webflow. If you are a designer or someone who wants to get into frontend coding but want to have …
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$120 / month
 Quick Responder
Webdesigner at Freelancer
Webdesigner & Webflow Expert
2 x Calls
Hi, I'm Lukas Rudrof a freelance web designer from Nuremberg with a working experience of 8+ years. I create functional websites with Webflow to increase the conversion rate and customer inquiries of B2B companies. I will help you find expertise in creating stunning UI-Designs, how to structure websites and create …
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$350 / month
Mentor, Founder, Full Stack Web Developer at Codementor, Tjikko Studio
Full-stack web developer, seasoned, served pleasant and warm.
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I started 20 years ago but never ran out of things to learn about the Internet. Although I will forever remain a student of the web, I now feel confident enough in certain areas to become a teacher. In my mind, this dual role of mentor and mentee is the …