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Nata Pylypchuk

UX Designer - Toptal

💻 Personal Chat 📝 To-Dos 🏆 Coding Challenges

I have 5 years of experience in UX/UI Design delivering complex projects (education, telecommunication, chatbots, sharing economy products, etc).
I am successfully freelancing for the last 3 years, currently on Toptal.
Nielsen Norman Group certified.

What I can help with:
• Answer your questions about UX Design
• Train to find solutions to the real tasks and present them properly
• Give the feedback about your portfolio
• Prepare successful communication strategies with the clients (interviews, emails, work process calls)
• How to present yourself as a professional

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Alyssa Payne

Senior Graphic Designer - Foxx Media

💻 Personal Chat 📝 To-Dos

Nice to meet you! My name is Alyssa. I've been in the design industry for thirteen years and senior designer for the past seven at two different design agencies. Over the years, I've been awarded the experience of publishing many magazines, creating packaging, prototypes, campaigns and countless print marketing. I've had clients such a Pfizer, Walgreens & Costco among many others. I currently reside in a beautiful town called Lake Havasu City, Arizona. My fiance' and I work from home with our trusty co-workers, Halle (our black lab) and Bunny ...

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Bryan Robinson

Founder and Lead Advocate - Code Contemporary

💻 Personal Chat 📝 To-Dos 📞 1-on-1 Calls

My name is Bryan Robinson. I'm a designer, developer and teacher based in Memphis, Tenn. I've been passionate about HTML, CSS and JS for my entire career, and I want to teach you to be just as passionate about it, as well.

I've spoken nationally about modern CSS. I write regularly about CSS on my own blog, and I recently had the opportunity to write about it for CSS Tricks (still very proud of this). I've mentored designers to be developers and developers to be designers.

I've recently started my ...

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Mordi Levi

Digital Designer & Illustrator - Mindcube

💻 Personal Chat 📝 To-Dos

I've been a designer and freelance illustrator for the past 10 years, Worked on Hundreds of digital products and campaigns, worked with the Washington post, Equire and more as an illustrator.

I love sharing my knowledge and helping people do what they love, and earn a living from it. I've learned a lot and still do all of the time and have much to share.

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