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Joseph DiGioia

Professor, Graphic Design - Savannah College of Art & Design

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Design strategist and educator with over 25 years of experience who brings his practical knowledge and theoretical interests to academia. Enthusiastic, self-motivated, big-picture and detail-driven design thinker who directs teams and individuals toward innovative, human-centered outcomes.

I am interested in assisting you to enhance your portfolio by providing you with proven strategies. I can also help you to improve upon your current understanding of conceptual thinking methodologies, typographic skills, and any other formal concerns that you may have.

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Michael Degtyarev

Senior UX/UI Designer - Yardi

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I’ve been in the industry for over 12 years. I started from β€œdon’t show your work to anyone but your mom", and grew to be a lead UX/UI designer and a team lead for one of the Forbes Cloud 100 companies. With years I developed a design process that lead to numerous successful products. I am happy to share all I learned and know with you.

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