Bukki Adedapo

UK Country Manager @ Fiverr
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Hey there, I’m Bukki. 👋🏿

I've mentored and advised CEOs, Managing Directors, founders and other senior executives of SaaS, E-commerce and Arts startups, scaleups and established SMEs. During mentorship, I've provided strategic guidance to overhaul business strategy, revamp marketing and operations, launch new products and hire employees

You can book a (nearly) free intro call with me to explore your challenges and see how I can be of service. I can help you with anything to do with:
❇️Business strategy
❇️Growth marketing
❇️Unit economics (Churn, CAC, LTV, etc)
❇️Marketing budget allocation
❇️Brand marketing
❇️Goal setting - OKRs, KPIs etc
❇️Strategic partnerships

I’ve held growth and operations roles at fast-growing scaleups and developed, and executed, bottom-of-funnel growth and top-of-funnel brand initiatives such as strategic partnerships, promotional campaigns, affiliate activities, OOH, TV and 360 marketing campaigns with prominent companies, influencers and celebrities reaching and converting 100,000s of customers and generating £1,000,000s in revenue. I've also managed multiple international cross-functional teams consisting of marketers (brand, PPC, PR, SEO, CRM), growth managers, designers, operational colleagues and agencies to achieve >100% of YoY revenue growth target.

I’ve been a founder - developing a product, building a brand and raising angel investment. I’ve been the first full-time employee - setting up all business and marketing operations from scratch (customer onboarding, business development, user support, OKRs).

I started my career as a strategy consultant advising multi-billion dollar businesses on strategic projects such as profit growth. I left consulting to have a more direct impact by executing growth initiatives internally and have taken on the role of data-driven growth marketer at all businesses of all stages from early-stage to public.

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
12 months

It's been amazing having a mentor like Bukki available. I initially reached out to go through some of MentorCruise's marketing and over the months, Bukki has walked me through multiple stages and was always available for advice. I really appreciate the proactiveness, and also how fun each of the sessions turned out to be!

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5 out of 5 stars

Bouncing ideas off Bukki and asking for feedback on certain issues has been very useful. Additionally, Bukki checks in regularly and make sure I stay consistent.



5 out of 5 stars

Working with Bukki is a joy! As someone that tends to get busy, his timely check-ins and outgoing personality are what I need to stay accountable. On top of that, he is also extremely knowledgeable in growth, marketing, and business development and is a great brainstorming partner.



5 out of 5 stars

It's been great talking to Bukki. One hour was enough to go through a couple of important themes for our business, and to get a plan for the time ahead. Enlightening call, as always.

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