Burak Urgancioglu

Senior Product Designer @ Yubo
12+ years of Product Design Experience
France Active 9 months ago


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Hi! Thanks for your interest in my profile!

I am a product designer with over twelve years of experience working remotely (before it was cool) as a contractor with clients all over the world thanks to Toptal. I've worked on a wide variety of projects spanning different devices and platforms, however, my experience boils down to solving complex B2B problems, simplifying the product offering of my clients - taking in complex information and distilling it into simple solutions. For the past years, my work predominantly revolved around web platforms, trying to create meaningful dashboards and some beautiful data visualization.

Most recently I've started working for Yubo, a french social media startup. It's my first job in France (where I live now since 2018). It's something new and refreshing in many ways. I've never worked in France before - a European work environment comes with a different pace than what I'm used to in the US. Also, I haven't had extensive experience in mobile apps, or in consumer-facing products, let alone in social media for Gen Z! It's a new challenge that I'm very excited about.