👋 Hi there! I have a career of working 4+ years in various startups, 8+ years within Meta (Oculus, Facebook, Instagram) and currently now in Coinbase. My experience ranges quite broadly across working in VR/AR platforms, mobile products, hardware products (Ray-ban Stories, Gear VR) and Crypto platforms.

I am a self-taught learner and understand the complexities of building yourself from the ground up. I have worked in startups with a dozen employees to companies with tens of thousands. I've interviewed hundreds of candidates during my time and experienced first hand what it takes to work and thrive at a FAANG level company.

With my services, I can provide guidance on nearly all facets and processes of product design. Here's a quick example of how I would structure your growth:

1. Product thinking
2. Visual design
3. Team work
4. Communication skills
5. Strategy
6. Intentionality

These are the baseline fundamentals that are required in working in a FAANG level company. As such, we will be working on all aspects of them together.



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