Christie Ding

Head of Client Solutions @ Brand Catalyser
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Christie has led an impressive career as the co-founder of Brand Catalyser - a leading cross-border consulting and marketing firm, and international digital marketer in her 10 years working in the advertising industry. In 2020, she was named Entrepreneur of The Year by B&T for 30 Under 30. In the same year, she was awarded as an Emerging Leader by AdNews and as a Rising Star by The University of Melbourne. In 2022, Christie was awarded as the SmallBiz Young Hero Award by the Australian Business Forum (ABF) acknowledging her leadership and the best marketing practice by the team. Christie has also been featured in several well-known industry publications, including MarketingMag, BalanceTheGrind, The Peers Project, and Future Founders.

Working as the Head of Client Solutions at Brand Catalyser, Christie plays a major role in growing the client portfolio, leading top-level strategy for brands, and managing across different teams in delivering the kind of high-quality of work that brings significant positive impacts to her clients’ businesses. Through her commitment to Brand Catalyser, she has helped many brands, from start-ups to global companies build effective go-to-market strategies, explore global market opportunities, establish businesses in ASEAN markets, and optimising sales performance.

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