Cissy Chen

Product Leader @ LinkedIn, Citizen
Now a professional leadership coach for over 50 paid PM clients
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👋 I'm Cissy, a consumer product leader turned leadership coach and PM & strategy advisor for startups. I've worked with over 50 paid clients and mentored many more. I'd love to make my coaching more accessible by offering this monthly subscription!

My approach is empathetic, proven, and actionable. I combine tactical advice from my time as a product leader with inquisitive coaching where I can help you adapt the advice to your particular situation. I especially like to help people lead through chaotic, ambiguous environments to build successful products, teams, and careers. My focus areas: Leadership, influence, conflict-resolution, building 0 to 1 products, and best-in-class consumer product process and frameworks.

My background: As a product manager and leader, I've built 0 to 1 businesses and scaled established ones. At LinkedIn, I drove revenue retention for LinkedIn Premium, a $1B subscription business. At Citizen, a Sequoia-backed safety startup, I built the 0 to 1 consumer subscription business that generated the company's first $X M in annualized revenue. I've also scaled content & community products for 100Ms of people. At LinkedIn, I 2.5X the number of commenters and launched Reactions, a new way for users to communicate professionally yet authentically.

I now also advise early-stage startups looking for consumer product expertise on product strategy, management, and operations.

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