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Gustavo Imhof

Senior Product Manager @ TestGorilla
Turbocharge your career to new heights! || 250+ success stories (is yours next?)
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Do you feel overlooked? Do you believe you could perform at a higher level if you were given the opportunity? And yet, you are surrounded by incompetent managers who have been promoted above their capabilities?

Nothing frustrates me more than this situation. To think they're not seeing your potential, that they aren't polishing the diamond in the rough they have in their hands...

I genuinely worry and HATE that YOU, yes, you, are probably not getting the opportunities the grow that you so rightfully deserve.

Does that resonate? Is that how you feel?

GOOD. Because THIS is why I’m here!

Hi! My name is Gus, and in the last 4 years, I have coached more than 250 professionals on everything from career strategy and securing a promotion to job hunting, interviewing, LinkedIn, personal branding, or starting freelancing.

I specialise in helping people get ahead in their careers, whether this means clinching a promotion or switching to a new field.

Full disclosure, I am not your typical career coach. I don’t have a background in HR.
Nor is coaching my main source of income, which means I'll only take you on if I believe I can really help.

What qualifies me to coach you through something as important to your life as your career?

In the first 5 years of my career,
==> I more than 3X my salary and
==> received FOUR promotions,
==> eventually making it to VP for a fast-growing VC-funded start-up.

And my clients all have their own stories (all 250+ of them)

3X salary and 4X promotions. In just 5 years.

I didn’t get there because I was smart or knew the right people.

Quite the contrary,

I don’t have any story of how my network gave me a leg up. It was all pure method and strategy. You can apply my method, successfully refined with hundreds of people, to your own career and ambitions.


- A software developer doubled his salary overnight
- Over 200 people landed new jobs
- Over 70 people switched careers WITHOUT taking a paycut
- A dozen people successfully transitioned from employed to freelancer
- And several more achieved so much clarity around their careers they put themselves in a very strong position to grow further in the short and the long-term

Are those the kind of results you’d like for your own career?

Because you can feel it, right? Deep down, you know you can be more. So much more.

And I genuinely want for you to become all that you can be. But the harsh truth is that I can’t do it for you, nor can your boss, nor can anyone else.

Only you can take control of your career.

But I can propel you forward and give you the shortcut to success. If you put in the work.

What's the first step for building a mind-blowing career?

Booking an introduction call with me. That's all it takes.

Go for it.

You can be more. I believe it, and I really hope you do too!

Let me help you make this a reality today. I'll look forward to meeting you.

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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
3 months

Gus is exceptionally attentive and personable, with a talent for listening intently. He consistently asks insightful questions and genuinely considers my perspectives without preconceived notions. He's a great communicator who always makes things clear and easy to understand. His approachable and helpful nature makes every interaction a pleasure. 10/10 can recommend.



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
5 months

I initially sought mentoring because my manager mentioned that my work was not as visible within the organisation, and I needed to raise my profile -- and that's what drew me to Gus. He has been very helpful in our on-going mentor programme - and I'm generally surprised at how much there is to talk about in each of our calls. He was especially helpful when I needed to figure out a decision to make (whether to take up a complex project within the org that had failed to launch multiple times before - that could fail to launch even if I led it), balancing risks against rewards, and strategising how to approach career advancement within the org, and more. During this mentorship with him I've since: started having regular 1:1s with org leaders that helped raise my profile, my scope of responsibilities have increased, and I've been entrusted with people management. Gus has been a great help and mentor!



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

I took part in a Data Analytics Bootcamp, where I had the chance to have Gus as my mentor at the end of the program. He helped me navigate a toxic job situation and find clarity in my career direction. Even after the program ended, he continued to be my mentor, providing regular one-on-one sessions where we discussed goals and strengths. His empathetic approach and tailored advice boosted my confidence and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. With his support, I landed an amazing job within just 2 weeks. Gus' mentorship had a profound impact on my personal and professional growth, and I'm grateful for his guidance in helping me reach my potential.

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