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Cosimo Ostuni

Senior UX Researcher
10+ years working as a UX Researcher and a background in academic research
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Hi I’m Cosimo 👋 , I’m a Senior UX Researcher with an academic background in Experimental Psychology.

I’ve been working as a UX Researcher for different companies all around Europe since 2012.

I'm specialised in a variety of research methods and techniques and I have been mentoring junior researchers as well as stakeholders with different expertise and backgrounds.

I’m here because I love helping people and sharing what I’ve learned working as a researcher over the past 10 years.

Below I’ve summarised some of things I can help you with, but feel free to reach out if you have a different request (or book a 1 to 1 Introductory call).

* Understand what skills you need in order to become a UX researcher and/or how to progress in your career;
* Learning specific research methods or techniques (e.g. Usability Testing) and/or when to use them;
* Learning / improving specific research skills (e.g. how to interview research participants or how to become a moderator);
* Other responsibilities or tasks you’re specifically struggling with in your role (e.g. stakeholder management) or you’d like to learn.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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