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I wrote my first code in Commodore 64 Basic when I was 10. Then learned 6510 assembly, and switched to Amiga and AMOS. After that was the proud owner of i486DX2 (blazing fast 66MHz) when I was coding in Borland C++ and Turbo Pascal. At the end of my teen years, I was writing database applications using Delphi and InterBase. On my uni time, I spend my time writing simple games with C, assembly, and int 10h. It was the time when I took my first steps in web development (using Apache and C CGI code to use a database).
In 2001 I started to use PHP, to move faster. Did learned Python at my university, and switched from PHP to Python for serverside code (and nginx). Then came Django and my second full-time job in software development. I was hired as a PHP developer, leaving a company of Python developers to find more challenges.

Saw a lot of changes in web dev:
- the rise of javascript,
- the torment of early javascript,
- the rise of jQuery,
- the torment of jQuery,
- the rise of angular,
- the torment of angular,
- the rise of react,
- the torment of React,
-the rise of htmx

Most of my work is done in Python/Backend but I'm fluent in Typescript and always was close to frontend. I care about craft, I care about tools.

I'm coding for last 31 years in mutiple languages, currantly learning zig.

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