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Daniel Meppiel

Sr. Customer Success Architect @ GitHub
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Hi, my name is Daniel Meppiel!

With 12+ years of experience, I am an expert in B2B SaaS, Software Architecture & Delivery as well as Technical Sales and Customer Service for Fortune 500 companies. I co-founded a startup that's generating $2M+ ARR and I work today at GitHub as a Senior Customer Success Architect.

Always passionate, optimistic and resourceful, I can help you with:

- Crafting your professional brand to position yourself for your next career move
- Preparing your CV for top Big Tech roles
- Coaching before and throughout a challenging interview process
- Moving from another industry into IT/Tech
- Help you excel in your role
- Dealing with conflict at the workplace
- Staying motivated and shining during tough times at work
- Strategising and executing on your path towards freelancing / founding your business
- Craft a powerful startup pitch to raise funds
- Put together a strategy to monetise your new product

A bit more about me: I started my career as a Developer at CERN, quickly moved into technical customer-facing roles, first at Hewlett-Packard, and then became the CTO of my own company, WeGaw. At WeGaw, I've pitched in front of Angel Investors and VCs while bootstrapping my startup from Thailand. I've interviewed at Google, Amazon and Microsoft - and since joining GitHub, I've also been an interviewer at the latter. I excel on Technical Pre-sales and Customer Success in the SaaS industry for large enterprises.

I typically mentor three main profiles:

- Technical folks willing to move towards business-oriented roles or onboarding/growing into one
- Business folks willing to enter the Tech industry
- Anyone about to or just founding their tech startup

I'd love to help you accelerate your path to success by sharing my experience and advice with you!

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Recently, I had the privilege of having Daniel as my mentor at a crucial point in my professional career. I decided to make a significant shift, transitioning from the manufacturing industry to the technology sector, a challenge that I knew involved overcoming considerable obstacles, especially when entering a new industry without prior experience. Daniel was instrumental in making this change possible and overcoming my major handicap: the lack of experience in the technology industry. What I valued most about Daniel's mentorship was his ability to chart an effective and tailored action plan for my situation. From the outset, he addressed my concerns, and we devised concrete strategies to highlight my profile in the technological realm. His profound knowledge of selection processes and specific industry requirements was key to positioning my candidacy prominently. Daniel's standout assistance came in preparing for interviews. His vast experience as both an interviewer and interviewee allowed him to anticipate some of the questions I might face and guide me in crafting appropriate responses. This preparation significantly boosted my confidence and performance during interviews, contributing to my successful job placement. Thanks to Daniel's guidance, I not only secured a position in a renowned technology company but also experienced a substantial improvement in my working conditions. The speed at which I achieved this positive change exceeded my expectations, and much of this success can be attributed to the confidence that Daniel instilled in me to face rigorous selection processes. I would recommend Daniel as a mentor to anyone looking to make a significant professional transition, especially in the technology sector. His expertise, strategic guidance, and constant support were instrumental to my success, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have had Daniel as a mentor at this crucial stage of my career.

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