Darya Miskevich

Career Consultant, Global IT Recruiter @ DM Career Consultant

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Hi there!

My name is Darya.

Since 2011, I have been successfully working as a Technical IT Recruiter for IT giants like EPAM Systems and Cognizant, in addition to recruitment agencies. I have sourced and hired professionals globally, with a particular focus on the following regions: the US, Continental Europe, and Eastern Europe. Through my experience, I have helped hundreds of IT folks to find new jobs and relocate from one country to another.
I know for sure what an employer is looking for upon opening a Resume, what they pay attention to during interviews, and how to shorten the time between the start of your job search and the desired job offer receipt.

After 8 years in the profession, I decided to aggregate my knowledge and experience and started to actively help job seekers. Currently, I act as an individual consultant.
I can make an effective diagnosis of your Resume and LinkedIn profile, providing feedback on both, while also helping to improve your 'visit cards' and share recommended actions for the future. Also, I give advice about the job search process, help with interview preparation, give you an impulse for your career growth by creating an individual career growth plan.

I am a Belarusian born and Netherlands based (7 years).

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