David Geretti

Director of Engineering @ ZF - Commercial Vehicles
7+ years of SaaS Engineering, Product and Organization design
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I am a software engineer turned manager. I see those 2 aspects of my professional career as complementary, each one making the other better. I have 15 years of experience in various industries and various roles and have gone through the struggles of career choices, navigating team and company dynamics, and making stakeholders around me happy.

I have worked in startups and big corporate structures, in small and big teams. I have been a Software Engineer, a Team Lead, a Product Manager, a Consultant, and many other hats that don't have a name.
I am currently working as a Director of Engineering at ZF, a company in the automotive industry transforming its ways to become a Software leader in its industry and a SaaS provider.

Here are the topics for which I can help you the most:

- Career choices and transitions: what's next for you as a Software Engineer?
- Hiring and interviewing: I have been doing that for 7 years. From reading CVs to conducting technical, behavioral, and system design interviews.
- Team dynamics: how can you help your team become THE team?
- Team of teams: how can you design your engineering organization for better outcomes and less friction?
- Product & Engineering collaboration: how to become the best partners in crime?
- Engineering best practices: How do you transform or set up practices such as DevOps, Agility, CI and Quality, continuous deployment, and On-Call that is not hurting your culture?
- Software Culture: how do you attract and retain software talent if you're not a FAANG?

Contact me if you are:

- A Software Engineer who wants an independent manager's perspective on your current role and career.
- An Engineering Manager who struggles with one or some of the topics above.
- A Product or Project manager who wants to get better at partnering with Engineers.
- An Exec who struggles to understand the software culture and needs to survive in a software-driven world

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