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David Grayson

Senior Machine Learning Engineer @ Buzz solutions
PhD data scientist with 5+ years industry experience in ML
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Hi! I am a PhD data scientist and ML engineer with >5 years of exeperience at large and small companies covering software tech, biotech, and utilities. Before working in industry I published papers on neuroscience and computational neuroimaging. A summary of my industry experience: 1) I designed and built real-time ML apps for Intuit's QuickBooks, improving the product experience for over a million users. 2) led some cool projects at a biotech startup predicting neurological disease using computer vision, analytics, and ML. 3) Most recently I have been working as a technical lead in the utilities space, helping teams of data scientists and engineers to implement predictive maintenance using machine learning and computer vision.

As a mentor I like to focus on mentees on gaining mastery of the tools and approaches needed to build and manage a machine learning lifecycle end-to-end. For me, this covers three main skillsets: statistical competency, programming ability, and developer best practices. With those foundations, we then move to understand the stages of the lifecycle including business understanding, EDA, data cleaning, feature engineering, pipelineing, training, optimizing, deploying, testing, and monitoring. Finally, my philosophy is that the best learning comes from doing!

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5 out of 5 stars

We are working with David on scientific applications of Machine Learning. Within a very short time and with minimally required information about the scientific tasks, David has given extremely valuable suggestions on how to apply Machine Learning algorithms, which approach to choose in this or the other case etc. Our cooperation allowed to boost the development of new methods of scientific data analysis, requiring application of various Machine Learning algorithms. Moreover, David gives valuable advice on how to approach the Data Science job market, ranging from scientific applications of Machine Learning in academia to the employment requirements in industry. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the projects that we discussed were finalized even earlier (and better) than initially expected!



5 out of 5 stars

David has been a pleasure! Patient and flexible. I definitely feel I am improving as a data scientist with his guidance.



5 out of 5 stars

David has been mentoring me for a couple months teaching ML fundamentals, mapping out coursework and assignments relevant to my goals of doing AI in neuroscience, and doing mock interviews. We are discussing math, statistics, going deeply in the details of Neural Networks and other topics. David's knowledge in all those subjects is really impressive. The sessions help me a lot - I feel like I am getting to a whole new level. That will definitely help me in the future. I often have to ask the same question several times, and David has enough patience to explain things to me in great detail. I have only great things to say about David's mentorship. I strongly recommend him. 5 stars!




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