🍭 "I'm building an adaptive learning platform. Denis helped me figure out the right growth strategy and gave loads of ideas for improving our product!" - Oleksandr

🍭 "Had a great discussion with Denis where he broke down how I can kick-off my project and build momentum. Thanks!" - Liza

🍭 "I came to Denis full of uncertainty. He was really patient during the call, and I'm very thankful for the ideas he brought to the table." - Eduardo

These are just 3/27 testimonials that I have.

I will help you get your startup to the next level. I'll achieve this by challenging your mindset, helping you overcome challenges, and giving you options when you have no idea what to do.

My strongest skill is getting startups from idea to profit. That's why the majority of my clients are Pre-Seed stage founders. I also coach Seed stage founders, helping them become stronger leaders and improve decision-making. Most of the time I scale SaaS, Marketplaces, and Apps.

🧩 Here are common requests I help with:
- How do I validate my idea?
- How can I reach first 100 paying users?
- Which no-code tools I should use?
- How do I grow my startup to 10k MRR?
- How can I become a leader my team wants to follow?
- What on Earth should I do?

I am an entrepreneur in my heart. I know how hard it is to always push to the limit without having anyone by your side. I don't want you to go through this alone, and happy to give a hand.

I love helping founders and already brought 27 entrepreneurs to the next level. I've got many great testimonials, and invite you to work with me. Every week I'll ask many questions, give ideas for accelerating growth, and will (always) help you overcome a challenge. Unlike other mentors, I'm available for you whenever you need me. If you're going through a very tough emotional period on a Saturday night - I'll leave my friends to get on a call with you.

🤩 I'm on a mission of helping entrepreneurs bring great projects into our world. I made 80 YouTube videos, advise on no-code tools and writing my first book. You can find all of that at https://linktr.ee/HeyDenis.

I only work with committed founders who value my support, so if you treat your startup as a hobby, we'll be a bad match. By partnering up with me, you get a cofounder to your business, because I truly care about the success of my mentees and stand by my 100% satisfaction rate. I joined Mentor Cruise a couple of weeks ago and plan to take the most of it, so you can expect world-class support from me.

Recent case:
Nikita and Renat are working on https://fluentic.app/. They made a demo lesson with neat design, but were losing money on FB ads with low conversions to paying users. We found alternative customer profiles who’ll need the product more badly (international students who got to Germany and want to find work) and planned our strategy for getting the first 100 customers. We partnered for the full coaching program after our initial call.

⚡️ Let's grow together.

What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Denis is helping me find respondents for my B2B customer development interviews and I'm doing better every week. In my career I've been focusing on growing my tech skills without paying enough attention to networking with people. The moment I started reaching out to my audience it felt like an uphill battle. My path became easier thanks to Denis: he is there to morally support me and he is trying to help me avoid mistakes that could cost me months of my life.



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