Dhaval Shah

Product Consultant @ Sullivan & Stanley
Grower of people and product-led organisations
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Hi, I'm Dhaval. I've worn many hats in my career, starting in Engineering, moving into Delivery before settling in the Product space. I've worked in organisations, both small and large, and over a career of 15 years learnt to how people and organisations.

I care about building great products and services, building up teams, getting people involved from discovery to measuring success. I've been part of Product teams both as an individual contributor and in a leadership capacity, and my experience expands cross-industry - some recent examples being Private Equity, Food Delivery and Video Streaming. I understand how to structure organisations for success and taking people on a growth journey, and that is reflected in the results I have delivered alongside others.

My offering as a mentor is providing guidance and mentorship on how to transition to and grow product-led organisations - from setting up structure and processes to considering the human side of things (how to manage people, how to grow them, how to maintain the intimacy of a start-up as scaling occurs).

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