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Dilip Ramachandran

CEO @ Nimi
Entrepreneur with 15+ years of product management experience
United States of America Active 3 months ago
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Hi, I'm Dilip - a seasoned product leader. I have over 15+ years of building teams, shipping delightful and highly successful enterprise software products in MarTech and FinTech at companies like Walmart, Experian, Marqeta, and Bond.

I wrote the book Gangsta Vision to help folks in product management figure out their path and a plan to break into senior leadership.

Through my mentorship over the last 12 months, I've helped hundreds of product managers level up with a new job. I've also helped product managers learn the basic skills of the role so they can be influential members of the R&D unit. Finally, I've coached CEOs to focus their energy on the highest-value activities.

Currently, I'm the CEO and Chief Product Therapist at Nimi. We help startups win deals and get new customers by accelerating mobile and web application development.

I have a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

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