Dimitrios Alatzoglou

Freelance MQL5 developer and tutor @ Alatzoglou Online Services 2+ years of full-time experience in coding trading algos in MQL5 on the MT5 platform
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Do you find FOREX, stock, or commodities markets fascinating?

Are you intrigued by trading algorithms built to mimic human learning?

Does the prospect of being able to code one of these yourself fire you up like crazy but you don’t know where to start from?

Or perhaps, do you already have your trading strategies and want to avoid trusting others with faithfully converting them into code, or with modifying their code every time tiny adjustments need to be made?

Then this tutoring service is for you.

As an experienced and excited MQL5 developer, I can help you take the first steps into coding your trading algos via a series of tutoring sessions that will include:

- Step-by-step guidance on how to code in MQL5 on the Metatrader5 platform.
- Basic concepts about the FOREX market and the most popular indicators and price action patterns.
- Real-time feedback on your code.

Make the jump and you will quickly figure out that not only is coding trading algos far easier than it seems but also way more addictive than you can imagine.

Now a few words about me!

My name is Dimitris Alatzoglou and I am a freelance MQL5 developer and tutor based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Although I spent 10+ years studying hard to become a specialist in Cancer Immunotherapy, three years ago I had the itch to learn something completely foreign to my field of expertise. As such, during the final years of my doctoral degree I could not resist giving algorithmic trading a shot! It did not take long for me to discover the beauty and elegance of coding particularly when applied to come up with trading algorithms built to mimic human intuition and learning. In short, I felt in love with that subject and have not stopped coding since.

In total, I have spent two years focusing exclusively on not only becoming technically adept at coding trading algos in MQL5, but also on conceiving, thoroughly designing, and developing from scratch complex MQL5 code modules before incorporating them into my self-learning trading algorithm.

This experience has adequately prepared me to not only assist others with building their trading algos on a freelance basis, but also to teach this subject to those brave enough to take the leap.

In others, I love seeing openness to new ideas especially when combined with a proof-based, methodical and comprehensive way of thinking.

Finally, I enjoy hitting the gym as well as going on hikes by the serene lake Leman.



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Step by step introduction in coding trading algos in MQL5 and essential FOREX market concepts.

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Unlimited Q&A via chat

Expect responses in 24 hours or less

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