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Head of Design @ Air
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Diógenes Brito has been helping technology companies succeed and teams design software for over 11 years. He is a Prep for Prep Contingent XXIII and Collegiate ’07 alumnus who, after graduating from Stanford with a B.S. in Engineering (Product Design), worked as designer at Squarespace, LinkedIn, and later Slack. He was Slack’s third full time designer, helping the company grow from 35 to over 1,500 people over 6 and a half years. Now he works at Air (air.inc) as Head of Product and Design, and invests in local NYC businesses.

Diógenes is a Designer Fund advisor, Guild Member and Bridge Alumnus. He was also on Fast Company's most creative people list for 2016, and is an international conference speaker, including talks at Leading Design in London, AIGA Design Conference, Ideate at Duke, FEST in Peru and more.


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