Data Scientist with MLOps experience.
For the moment, I am offering guidance for a group participating in an open source project, if you are interested in joining and contributing in this group, please add me on LinkedIn with a message that you are from MentorCruise.
The link to this project is: .
I am fully booked for one-on-one style mentorships at the moment, so please refrain from sending applications here. However, I am slowly creating a public document with advice for learning the skills for data science and machine learning engineering. The link for this is below. It is in rough draft form. Please feel free to leave comments for requests on advice, but please leave all thoughts in one note. I additionally will be giving guidance in this open source group as I mentioned above.

About me:
I currently work in the financial sector, and in the next several months, I will be building a machine learning department as a consultant for the upcoming company. I am looking for students who wish to learn through projects primarily and who are looking to step into business-value centric work. Over the next year, I will be looking for internships and hires, and I will draw upon my mentees first and foremost. I intend to provide resources, guidance, occasional technical help and help design paths to professional level skills.
About myself:
I am foremost business value oriented. I keep this as a guiding principle in all the work I carry out.

I am also passionate about investment and the benefits it provides clients.

Third, I have experience in many of the tasks for creating highly effective machine learning projects.

This includes the following:

I have experience defining data science projects, carrying out full experiment, testing many ml algorithms, and evaluating results at regular intervals to decide which approaches to invest in further.

I have experience working with terabyte sized datasets, and considering tactics to handle them efficiently and cost effectively.

I further have experience communicating results of ml and explaining the process of how those results are created with both non-technical audiences and technical ones.

I also have understanding of the mathematical background in ml, and I am able to implement state of the art algorithms from research papers when I need to.

As a note, my current rate is intentionally low to make accessible mentoring in a pro bono fashion. In return for this, I will only be accepting students with a high degree of motivation in developing skills in this field.

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