Dávid Lévai

Indie Developer & Content Creator @ Pier 418
Building an international digital agency, and SaaS apps in public.
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I'm a Content Creator, indie developer, and digital nomad.

I create content about building IT businesses and production-ready apps.

Since my teenage years, I have worked as a freelance full-stack developer mostly with startups and small businesses. In 2020 I decided to use this knowledge to scale a digital agency and try to build something for myself. **As of 2023, I'm building businesses in public, and helping developers become entrepreneurs.**

## What's the point of doing these in public?

- I believe you can learn a lot by following other people's journeys. I'm following a lot of other creators too.
- Through social media and public building, I get to meet interesting people and we can support each other.

While I'm away from the internet, I work out a lot and travel to see more and more of the world. *(Soon maybe another planet?)*

## What kind of stuff do you find here?

Videos, blogs, tips, and discussions. Learn how to build an international digital product agency, develop production-ready apps, and be mindful and productive as an IT entrepreneur.

You can read about my background, knowledge, experience, and my why in the following paragraphs:

Whenever I'm not working on content or running a business, I'm a full-stack developer who started out as a UI designer. I'm passionate about growth mindset and self-development, digital marketing, and UX.

**My background as a Software Engineer:** I design and develop user-centered web and mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies. React Native, Flutter, GraphQL, Prisma, Serverless, JAMStack, and ESNext. That's what I've been doing for 12 years so far. I love to learn new things by experimenting with state-of-the-art technologies. Currently, I'm interested in Rust, Swift, and Go.

**My background as a Content Creator:** I love sharing my knowledge with others, so I write for several tech blogs, make videos, and have my own blog. I also create content on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube to teach software devs how to be successful as freelancers, and how to write truly production-ready apps. In 2022 I started a daily documentary about my journey to FIRE and build successful businesses.

**My background as an Entrepreneur:** I've been running a digital agency since early 2018 and managed small & medium-sized product development teams. Several lean, agile projects we started from scratch for multiple clients have been completed. I managed projects from estimation & proposal to design & development to marketing & maintenance. I became a co-owner, of a US-based, international digital product agency, ScreamingBox, in early 2021 and exited 2 years later.



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