Dylan Hughes-Ward

UX/UI Designer @ Qrious
New Zealand Active 11 months ago


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In a monthly plan I'll help dedicate time to understanding you and how you can grow as a designer

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Kia Ora, I'm a Designer in Wellington, New Zealand. Currently working as a Lead UX/UI designer for Qrious (a Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning company in NZ).

After completing a Masters in design innovation in 2016 (specialising in Industrial design) I transitioned to Service Design, before ending up now in UX/UI. I've worked on many exciting projects (and some not so exciting) along the way, trying to use design to make world easier for people to navigate. Recently I've gained a keen interest in behavioral science and the growing intersection between design and behavioral science.

As your mentor I can advise you with current projects, meet online to review work, learn about your goals and how you can reach them.

I'm ready to know about you and how I can share my experience with you.

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