Ebraheem Abdelhafez

ML Engineer @ CARIAD SE
3+ Years of ML Research in 3D/2D Detection, Scene Reconstruction, Bev Networks, and More!
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I am a passionate machine learning (ML) enthusiast, dedicating the past four years of my career to exploring the exciting intersection of ML in both industry and academia.

Let me share a bit about my journey. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, I emerged at the top of my class, earning highest honors in both coursework and my bachelor's thesis. During this time, I embarked on an exhilarating adventure as a freelancer, lending my skills as a software engineer and data scientist to German and US startups. This venture not only expanded my knowledge horizons but also allowed me to build a valuable network. And, of course, it didn't hurt that it served as a fantastic side hustle!

Fuelled by my thirst for knowledge, I then embarked on a master's program in Data Analytics, with a primary focus on ML and DL, at the prestigious Technical University of Munich (TUM). Throughout my master's journey, I immersed myself in captivating research projects within university labs, tackling perception-related challenges for autonomous driving, such as 3D object detection and 2D lane detection. Simultaneously, I delved into the realm of industrial ML, working on cutting-edge products in the financial services and computer vision domains for renowned German companies. With honors, I completed my master's and had the privilege of crafting my thesis at the ML research lab of VW. Today, I thrive as an ML engineer at CARIAD SE, channeling my expertise to conquer perception-related hurdles in driving assistance through pioneering DL research.

My skills extend beyond technical prowess. I take great pleasure in assisting others, whether it's reviewing resumes for data scientists and ML/DL researchers or helping students create effective study schedules to excel academically and apply their knowledge in the real world. Drawing from my past experiences, I offer invaluable tips and tricks to those seeking guidance in defining their career paths when they feel lost in the vast expanse of possibilities.

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