Evangelos Tzimopoulos

Director | Consulting | Data Science & Analytics | Financial Services @ Tangience Analytics

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👉 Finding it hard to break into Data Science, Analytics or make that jump to Financial Services or Consulting?

👉 Struggling with leadership or soft skills that will land you that promotion?

👉 Learning new skills via online courses but not sure which ones to choose?

👉 Constantly thinking you deserve more but losing focus or get demotivated?

If any of the above resonates, keep reading...

I have spent 15+ years working for global banks (UBS, HSBC), large consultancies (DXC.Technology, Luxoft) and data vendors (IHS Markit) and have faced similar struggles more than once throughout my corporate career

Despite the difficulties, I had to plough through in order to move forward to my next goal every time whether this was getting to the next level (achieved 3 promotions), leading and building teams (Senior Manager), transitioning to a new industry (Banking, Consulting) or breaking into a new domain (Data Science & Analytics) and have learned things the hard way by experimenting, falling down, getting up and get going again.

I'll be able to help you execute on your goals and realise your aspirations with
✅ Tactical day to day tips and task setting 🛠
✅ Mid/long term goal planning and career chat 🎯
✅ Personal development discussions and if you fancy, why not, philosophical self-reflection questions 🗝
✅ Developing your soft, functional and technical skills for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 🏛
✅ Providing expertise advice in Business Analysis, Project Management, Data Transformation & Change 📈
✅ Projects and exercises in Data Analytics and Data Science 📊

No matter what support, tips, planning or advise I provide you with though I'll need the following from you:

⚡ Energy
Are you switched on and determined to drive this yourself? You'll be the one doing the work, I'll be there to make sure you're on rail tracks.

🧠 Mindset
Are you open to making errors and picking it up from where you left it in order to continue? Making mistakes is ok. Not letting that hold you back is important.

🏖 Having fun
Doing things that have an impact should be fun. You're doing the right thing, you're doing difficult things but along the way you should have fun.

✅ If that's you and you're still thinking it's time to invest in yourself for the long term, I would love to share some of my experiences and learnings with you.

Hit the "Reach out" button or book an introductory call to discuss your ideas and aspirations and see if this is a good fit.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

What students say

"Angelo had helped me in backing my confidence and showing the way to achieve my goal with clear instructions. His feedback played a crucial role in me securing a job. Will highly recommend him."
Vasantha Kumar, July 2021
5 stars
"Angelo is a fantastic mentor, he analyses the problem statement and gives optimal solutions, he is definitely the right fit for being the mentor as he posses vast knowledge in finance and data analytics."
Manish, August 2021
5 stars
"It was a great experience meeting Angelos, and I definitely recommend this introductory call to exchange views on the mentorship process and align views and ideas."
Kamil, August 2021
5 stars

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