Fabio Cicerchia
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Platform Engineer @ Treatwell

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If you either want to start your tech career or improve your current one I'd love to help you achieve your professional goals.

I could help you pretty much with anything related to:

🏢 Architecture
📦 Containers / Virtual Machines
🚀 Deployments
🏗 Infrastructure (bare-metal / cloud)
🚨 Monitoring & Alerting
🚥 Pipelines

With ~20 years of experience, ranging from Junior Developer to Chief Technology Officer, I can help you out on each layer of a web application, covering any point in the entire software life-cycle.

What students say

"Fabio is great! We are doing a lot of hands-on sessions on using the terminal, setting up the coding environment, deploying container applications and object-oriented programming together with screen sharing. He doesn’t just explain me the concepts theoretically but also helps me out executing and reviewing my code. He’s finally very flexible when organizing meetings and giving me more time than planned. I definitely recommend him as a mentor"
Alessandro, January 2022
5 stars
"Fabio is great, he is understanding the background knowledge that I have and quickly recognizing the gaps that need to be filled. He is very flexible to arrange calls and change last-minute meetings to help my working schedule. I am having a lot of hands-on sessions and peer coding which are really great to advance my skills. "
Alessandro, November 2021
5 stars


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